About Vinoplank

The VinoPlank™ Story

VinoPlank™ represents a manufacturing and construction material of truly rare vintage. Made exclusively in Healdsburg, California by Sonoma Millworks.
With VinoPlank™, we have developed an entirely new breed of wood product for furniture, cabinetry, flooring, countertops, bars, wall panels, room dividers—the list of applications goes on and on. Vinoplank™ begins with the toasted oak tasting sticks inserted into the industrial-sized stainless steel tanks during the fermentation process. The basic idea is that the strips imbue a prized “woody” flavor that enhances a wine’s bouquet. As with most things, the tasting sticks need to be replaced over time.

Where everyone else only saw a discarded material—strips of oak scarcely wider than a grape stake and stained red or white, from submersion in fermenting grapes—Sonoma Millworks recognized the chance to realize a superior wood product. When combined together the oak sticks produce a material of uncommon structural integrity.

Vinoplank™, however, isn’t only a stronger piece of oak. It’s also a more beautiful piece of wood. A lot of that is due to being pickled in world class wine for months on end. The grain is rendered vivid and bold, with striking variations in color and texture from differing winemaker specifications. The result is an all-wood product more stunning and versatile than an ordinary piece of oak. It’s a single material with the capability to accommodate a multitude of distinctive patterns and layouts.

Of course, there’s a lot more to Vinoplank™ than that, which is where Sonoma Millworks comes in with its considerable manufacturing capabilities in Sonoma County’s wine country, appropriately enough. Sonoma Millworks, with its large-scale production capacity and proprietary manufacturing techniques, is able to bring a superior wood product to market in quantity. In addition to Vinoplank™, Sonoma Millworks features a broad selection of vintage and reclaimed lumber and is able to transform those into stories of sustainability and inspiring elegance.