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About Vinoplank

The VinoPlank™ Story VinoPlank™ represents a manufacturing and construction material of truly rare vintage. Made exclusively in Healdsburg, California by Sonoma Millworks.With VinoPlank™, we have developed an entirely new breed of wood product for furniture, cabinetry, flooring, countertops, bars, wall panels, room dividers—the list of applications goes on and on. Vinoplank™ begins with the toasted oak tasting sticks inserted into the industrial-sized stainless steel tanks during the fermentation process. The basic idea is that the strips imbue a prized “woody” flavor that enhances a wine’s bouquet. As with most things, the tasting sticks need to be replaced over time. Where everyone else only saw a discarded material—strips of oak scarcely wider than a grape stake and stained red or white,...

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Barn Doors Make A Proud Entrance

We are proud to announce sliding barn doors will be added to our list of products.  Reclaimed fir, redwood, and oak are to be featured in the doors that slide out of production in the coming month. The rustic barn wood look is certain to be featured but we can expect reclaimed vineyard material to be featured as well.  This means unexpected colors and textures for the curious clientele.  We believe this product will be an impeccable fit in our product line and we look forward to offering knocked-down and preassembled packages soon!

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A Piece of Mare Island Arrives in Healdsburg

In Healdsburg, California we are surrounded by vineyards and we enjoy making new use of the oak and redwood material found here in abundance.  Today however, we welcomed towering quantities of douglas fir into our yard, sourced from a historic landmark in nearby Vallejo. Mare Island Navy Yard was established in September 16, 1854 by Commander David G. Farragut, U.S.N.  It was the first shipyard, ammunition depot, hospital, Marine barracks, cemetery, chapel, and radio station in the Pacific.  First U.S. Naval Station in the Pacific. California State Parks. While much of the landmark remains and has been established as a historic park, various buildings have been deconstructed to make room for new buildings.  This wood was used as decking, beams, and...

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